1. I acknowledge and agree that:

(a) I warrant to CheerCon that for each event our Athletes are fit and capable of participating and the Athletes will not unnecessarily put themselves at risk by participating in any event where the Athlete are not fit or well enough to do so;

(b) in each event by participating at an CheerCon Event there is a possibility of physical illness, injury (minimal, serious, and catastrophic) and that I am assuming the risk of such illness or injury occurring by participating in any such event;

(c) CheerCon, its agents, contractors any person representing has my full authority and is directed to consent to and to authorise any medical attention, treatment, surgery or administration of drugs by qualified and licensed medical personnel for our Athletes, which they deem necessary;

(d) CheerCon will use its best endeavours to contact me and to keep me informed in the event of any illness or injury occurring that requires medical treatment as soon as is practicable; and

(e) I will meet all costs and expenses incurred by CheerCon or by myself in the administration of any medical treatment to our athletes during an CheerCon event.

2. I hereby release CheerCon, including its directors, contractors, agents, sponsors, employees and volunteers from and against any and all claims, demand, losses, suits, liabilities, costs, or other damages arising from any injury to, or death of our athletes, or any other persons or damage to or destruction of property arising out of or in connection with our athletes participation and I also indemnify CheerCon against any loss, damage or claim they might suffer as a result of any of those things.



3. By signing this Agreement you agree to having us or our agents photograph and film your athletes your athletes participating in our events.

4. Parents/Guardians are permitted to use digital cameras to take photographs of their own children only. No telephoto lens are permitted.

5. We reserve the right to use and you grant us the right to use any photos or video footage from the event in publications, social media, web-advertising and promotions, including without limitation the right to use the image of the Athletes in doing so.

6. If you do not wish to have their images used in publications, social media, web-advertising and promotions you must notify us, in writing.



7. Each Athlete agrees to strictly comply with the CheerCon General Competition Rules, available on our website.

8. Without limitation, smoking, consumption of alcohol and use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited at all CheerCon events.

9. All Coaches, Athlete’s and Parents agree to abide with the CheerCon Athletes Code of Behaviour, available on our website. The Code of Behaviour includes a reservation of rights by the CheerCon to discipline any Athlete for unruly breaches of the Code of Behaviour.